Why is Green Cleaning Important?

The cleaning industry is enormous, consuming billions of pounds of cleaning chemicals & janitorial paper annually. This has a tremendous impact on water, electricity and landfills. Hundreds of millions of pounds of equipment are dumped in landfills every year. Green Cleaning can help preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Improve Health and Productivity - Green Cleaning is important far beyond the outdoor environment. School age children are more vulnerable than adults to indoor pollutants, dust, VOC's, etc. Studies have proven that the positive impacts of a healthy indoor environment include improved school test scores and companies with Green Cleaning programs have documented improved employee productivity, morale and an excellent ROI.


Green Cleaning is more than just a new product or piece of equipment. Harder Helsley's Green Cleaning Program is a complete approach to creating healthier, more productive facilities without harming the environment.

Helping you make Green Cleaning decisions

Although Green Cleaning is defined as: "cleaning to protect health without harming the environment", it is much more than simply using environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals.

A Holistic Approach

At Harder Helsley we believe that Green Cleaning should be a complete program that includes an understanding of the needs of the building occupants, the building structure, furnishings & equipment, cleaning personnel, the organization's mission and the local environment.

From Products to Systems

Certainly, that means selecting the right cleaning chemicals, janitorial paper, tools and equipment for your facility. But it also means understanding how these products are properly used in order to reduce their impact on users, occupants and the environment. It also means implementing the appropriate programs, systems and procedures to ensure your facility is cleaned effectively, efficiently and within your budget.

A Programmed Approach

A cost effective Green Cleaning program is not a "one-size-fits-all" product. We have worked with industry leading suppliers and system developers to create programs specifically to help you make the choices that are appropriate for your unique situation.

We can help you assess your current cleaning system, evaluate your needs and help you choose the right system to meet your goals. Change can be difficult, so we provide the training and structure to help you implement your new program at a pace that will ensure positive results in your facility.

Green Standards

Harder works with the industry's leading manufacturers to deliver products that meet the most exacting performance and environmental standards. We offer chemicals, equipment, paper and other supplies that are certified by Green Seal. We can help you meet and exceed all local, state and federal guidelines.

Products & Equipment

Our Green Cleaning Program suppliers represent the best in the industry. Our professional sales people will work with you to determine the right mix of products, equipment, paper and supplies to meet your needs. Let us demonstrate how we can help protect your triple bottom line - occupant health, the environment and your return on investment.

Training & Support

The success of any new program depends on effective training and support. Our Green Cleaning Program includes some of the industry's most effective training tools. Our staff will help you implement the Green Cleaning Program in your facility, and provide the on-going support to ensure your continued success.